Serving at Ronald McDonald House

As the Chinese Club, we want to a benefit to the community around us. Our goal is for our events to be fun and educational and foster an appreciation for Chinese heritage and culture. Another way we seek to do that is through volunteering in the community around us.

This October, we returned to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare and serve dinner to the guests staying there. We made teriyaki chicken and stir fried vegetables with rice. The assistant house manager there expressed her enthusiasm as the meal plan strayed from the typical menus offered.

While there, multiple families were able to eat their fill and we had the ability to leave the leftovers for families returning to the house later in the evening or for the next day.

If you are interested in volunteering with us next time, let us know!

If you would like to organize a meal for the Ronald McDonald House yourself or learn more about the organization, you can visit their website

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Making a Difference–One Biscuit at a Time

At first, I was nervous yet excited about cooking and serving breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House because I was not sure what to expect. Once everyone got together to start working on the recipes selected, all that went away. Everyone was so happy to be there and helpful. With us working as a team and keeping positive attitudes, we were able to make all of our dishes and get them out on time. When the families began to arrive they seemed genuinely pleased with what we had provided for them. We made biscuits and gravy from scratch, a Denver omelet bake, a vegetarian hash, and had plenty of fruit, diffused water, and juice. The families went down the line taking what they wanted and after thanked us several times talking about how good the food was.
There was one lady in particular who was pregnant and eating with her boyfriend that came up to thank Catherine and me personally. She explained she was having a c-section within the next couple of days and the doctor had told her that the better she ate the more milk she would be able to provide for her baby to help it be healthy and strong. She told us that she was really excited about our breakfast because with all the good food we made, from scratch, she knew she would be able to take really good care of her baby. That was the most rewarding moment for me. The fact that something so simple, something I do every day , cooking, could help provide such hope and positivity in the lives of people who truly needed it. It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

• Catherine: Supervised and aided in cooking and clean up
• Kevin: Cut vegetables and cooked the sausage for the gravy
• Nancy: Cut vegetables and cooked the vegetarian hash
• Lily and her husband: Washed and cut the fruit, as well as, aided in clean up
• Vanessa (Me): Made the biscuits, and finished the sausage gravy, helped supervise and aided in clean up.

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