WYCO Ethnic Festival

“What is one important thing to know about China that we probably don’t already know?”

In mid-April, we were given the opportunity to host a booth at the WYCO Ethnic Festival. The purpose of the festival is ‘to foster a climate of inclusiveness, promote relationships and contact between people, and educate each other about our common humanity’ and that is exactly what we experienced.

Our club president, Catherine, set up a beautiful display that immediately caught the eye of many passersby. Upon visiting the booth, they were able to learn about our summer cultural workshops, Chinese knots, and even they were lucky, catch Catherine free-handing calligraphy sketches or Prof. Billy Hu writing in Chinese calligraphy.

The festival was hosted at the Kansas City Kansas Community College and consequently there were many college students roaming about asking questions about the cultures represented. Many families were also present with parents encouraging their youth to learn more about each country–like the question that was asked above.

As someone who has grown up not immersed in Chinese culture, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more as well, specifically about calligraphy and the symbolism of the red paper cutouts (as seen below).

It’s a beautiful thing it be in a room with dozens of other cultures represented, celebrating the uniqueness of each one as well as the commonality that we share. The combination of diversity and harmony was evident in the groups with all ages performing, the stages of life present in those visiting, and the smiles all around.

A huge thank you to the volunteers that helped make this event happen. It was a joy to share some of the richness of Chinese culture to the citizens of Wyandotte County.


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