Membership 會員

Please note Membership resets during Lunar New Year’s.

Current Membership Fees

單身會員 Single member – $6
家庭會員 Family members (couple and kids under 18) – $12
學生會員 Student member: Single $3; Couple $6
老年會員 Senior member (over 65) – Single $3; Couple $6

Online Registration

  1. Please complete the CCGKC Membership Registration Form online (Google Form).
  2. Submit Membership fee via Paypal or by mail. (Online payment includes $0.50 online payment processing fee. During checkout, please update the “shipping to” address to match the information filled out in the membership form.)
CCGKC Membership

Registration by Mail

  1. Please fill out and mail the Membership Form
  2. Mail the completed form and check (payable to: CCGKC) to:
    PO Box 4253, Olathe, KS 66063