CCGKC Newsletter 華協通訊 (March 2014)

Dear CCGKC Members and Friends,

The 2014 Board of Directors met on March 9 at 4pm to discuss the events that we plan to hold. We also filled the Secretary position from one of the current board members. In addition, we have decided to reestablish the membership card and plan to distribute the cards to the paid members at the up coming Mother’s Day event. With this membership card you can receive discounts from participating stores and/or restaurants. The detailed information regarding the stores/restaurants will be posted on the Therefore if you have not paid the membership fees you need to hurry and send a check to: PO Box 4253, Olathe, KS 66063. Pay to Order: CCGKC

親愛的華協會員與朋友﹐我們2014年董事在3月9日下午4時開了第一次董事會﹐ 決定了今年大致要辦的活動﹐同時也決定秘書人選。 還有﹐為爭取會員的褔利, 董事會決定今年續辦會員卡。 會員可在參與的商家買東西﹐吃飯都會享有折扣。 參與的商家將會公佈在華協的網址上 (。 㑹員卡預計在母親節活動會場發給交㑹費的㑹員﹐ 所以還沒交㑹費的請盡快把支票寄到: PO Box 4253, Olathe, KS 66063. 支票抬頭請寫: CCGKC

單身會員 Single member – $6
家庭會員 Family members (couple and kids under 18) – $12
學生會員 Student member: Single $3; Couple $6
老年會員 Senior member (over 65) – Single $3; Couple $6

Please fill out and mail the Membership Form and check to: CCGKC, PO Box 4253, Olathe, KS 66063

2014-2015 Board of Directors

President: Sunny Rutherford 王玉鳳
Vice President: Raymond Kung 龔俊睿
Secretary: Arthur Chang 張立杭
Treasurer: Karl Kung 弓傳均, Stephanie Zheng 鄭欣

Board Members:
Catherine You 游佳琳
Stephanie Zheng 鄭欣
Hoi-Kei Au 何凱琦
Jessica Zhang 張一婷
Shenji Pan 潘甚吉

Advisor: Ian Hong 洪维翰

2014-2015 預訂活動

  • 母親節 / Mother’s Day event – 詳細日期與地點會另外通知
  • 族裔園遊會 / Ethnic Enrichment Festival (EEC) – 8/15 – 8-17
  • 中秋節 / Autumn Festival – 詳細日期與地點會另外通知
  • 劉老師音樂會 / Beatrice Liu’s concert – 9/20
  • 農曆新年 / Chinese New Year celebration – 詳細日期與地點會另外通知

2013 Mother’s Day Picnic 母親節戶外聚餐

由大坎薩斯市中華協會所舉辦的ㄧ年一度母親節戶外聚餐活動將在 2013 年 5 月 11 日的 11AM ~ 3PM 於 Quivera Park 舉行. 我們誠心的邀請所有朋友們 (會員及非會員, 華人和非華人) 一起來參加這次的聚會活動!


  • 各位偉大美麗的媽媽們和 12 歲以下的小朋友們: 免費
  • 在 5 月 1 日之前 RSVP 的朋友們: 每人USD $5.00
  • 若沒有 RSVP 者, 每人USD $10.00

此次母親節活動, 本協會將提供:

  • 道地美味的午餐, 小吃, 及簡單的飲料.
  • 主持人會帶大家玩ㄧ些好玩的遊戲
  • 親切友善的坎城朋友們

當天的 ”母親節攝影比賽”:

  • 到場的每個人都可以參加
  • 在活動當天照ㄧ些以母親節為主題的相片 (請自行攜帶相機和模特兒等器材和配合人員)
  • 送交主辦單位ㄧ張你當天照的最喜歡的相片
  • 靜靜的等待本協會宣布得獎者及獎品! 我們將以最公正, 公平, 和公開的民主方式來選出得獎者!


The Annual Mother’s Day Picnic Event 2013, hosted by The Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City. We welcome all members and non members to attend this spring time gathering.


  • All Moms and children under 12 are free
  • $5 for all ( helps off set the cost of the event)
  • First 50 Moms will receive goodie bags.
  • Advanced RSVP tickets close on May 1st 11:59pm
  • Regular tickets are $10 at the door.

Please RSVP for the event by choosing the correct ticket types below. You will NOT be charged for your tickets today. On May 11th, bring your confirmation email ( and payment for adult tickets) to the Picnic.

Every Year We Bring Out:

  • Great Food
  • Fun Games
  • Wonderful People

New Addition to this Year’s Event: CCGKC Mother’s Day Photo Contest!

How to Participate:

  1. Please bring a camera to this picnic event (and have some lunch with mom)
  2. Take pictures with your love ones (Especially with your Mom)
  3. Submit your favorite pic before you leave
  4. Depending on the number of entries we have that day, we will either announce the results on the same day or we will post the results on our Facebook.
  5. All photo shoots has to be on site.
  6. Great prizes for the top 3 entries.
  7. Give us your best shot!