Job Opportunity: Bilingual Accountant/Reporting Analyst

To apply, please send resume to Cody Mahaffey (

POSITION SPECIFICATION: Accountant/Reporting Analyst

The Compay

 Spigot Inc.


Spigot is a leading provider of browser add-ons, extensions, mobile applications, and monetization components for software developers worldwide.  It was founded in 2008 in the heart of Silicon Valley by two entrepreneurs with 40+ years of combined internet and software experience.  Spigot’s team of dedicated engineers has decades of experience working at leading software companies and continue to impress some of the web’s most recognizable brands.  To date, Spigot has developed projects for and continues to work closely with Yahoo!, Ask, Yandex, Baidu, CNET, and BitTorrent.

We work relentlessly to ensure that our solutions are at the cutting edge of browser technology, ultimately focusing on enhancing the end users’ browsing experiences.  With our solutions, we also provide application developers with multiple methods of software distribution and monetization based on data driven optimization.  These experiences and successes in the desktop arena, lead us into mobile, where we build custom applications and provide further monetization and distribution solutions.

In August 2015, Spigot was acquired by Genimous Investment Co. Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of the PRC with its stocks listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  The company became a fully-owned subsidiary of Genimous.

In order to continue to grow the business, Spigot is establishing its new HQ in Fort Myer, FL in 2016 with sales/marketing/R&D functions. The finance/accounting and general administration functions is based in Kansas City, MO.

Job Description:


Reporting lines:  Directly report to Financial Controller of Spigot

Work location: Kansas City, MO

Direct Reports: none


Responsibilities and duties will be varied and will include:

–        General Ledger: participate in various aspects of the general ledger close process including the preparation of journal entries such as month-end accruals and amortization of prepaid expenses, prepare account reconciliations, maintain fixed assets records and post depreciation expense;

–        Bank Reconciliations: perform daily/monthly bank reconciliations;

–        Accounts Payable: review invoices and employee expense reports, assist with entry of invoices and expense reports as needed;

–        Accounts Receivable: review customer payments,  coordinate with Finance on past due accounts, assist with entry of customer payments as needed; create aging report and follow up on collection of receivables;

–        Extract, analyze, and prepare data for analysis and inclusion in the balance sheet and income statement variance reports;

–        Intercompany transactions reconciliation and settlement;

–        Assist with annual statuary auditing;

–        Review and monitor financial statements of subsidiaries;

–        Assist with conducting internal control testing for operational audits;

–        Support controller and finance department for any other projects;

–        Liaison with China Finance HQ in providing required financial reports in timely manner;

Skills and Key Competencies:

–        BS/BA in Accounting or related field is required

–        Minimum 3 years’ experience in the preparation and maintenance of financial records is required

–        Working knowledge of various accounting software is highly preferred

–        Strong MS Excel, Word and Outlook skills required

–        Detail-oriented with ability to manage projects from inception through execution

–        Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

–        Ability to meet communicated deadlines

–        Ability to multi-task

–        Strong analytical skills

–        Chinese language communication skills strongly preferred

Drum Roller Recruitment

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堪城中华龙,鼓,狮队自2007年组建以来,多次参加了大堪城地区春节演出及龙舟节义演等活动,中华大鼓的乐韵, 舞龙舞狮的律动深受大家喜爱,给观众们留下了深刻的印象。






青少年班招募年龄:10+ 岁

成人班招募年龄:18+ 岁




排练时间:每周六 3:00-4:00pm(鼓队)

排练时间:每周六 4:00-5:00pm(龙,狮队)

排练地点: Sun Marble

9600 Dice Ln, Lenexa, KS 66215

培训老师: Catherine You ,是深受队员们一致喜爱的鼓队教练,她具有丰富的指挥经验,指导过多个团体,她尤其懂得孩子们的心理,擅长组织带领小孩子们学习,是一位热爱音乐,热爱孩子,热爱公益的优秀青年。

培训老师: Wai Cheng ,是深受孩子们和家长们一致喜爱的龙,狮队教练,他拥有多年演出经验,懂得孩子们的心理,擅长组织带领小孩子们学习,是一位热爱运动,热爱孩子,热爱公益的优秀青年。





(由于我们是非盈利的公益组织,费用仅用于分担少量活动费。支票抬头请写:Drum Roller)




3:00-3:30pm 公开试课


3:30-4:00pm Audition+报名登记








You know what would be adorable? A mochi-emoji.

After spending a couple hours learning how to make and tasting all the various fillings and flavors, I am now a mochi fan.

Let me take you through the event (but I won’t spill all the secrets, you’ll just have to attend the next one):

Step one: Combine all the basic mochi ingredients (sugar, water, glutinous rice flour, oil) till smooth then stick in the microwave. Want to guess for how long? Not one minute, not five minutes, but THIRTEEN minutes! (I know, I was shocked too. Not sure I’ve ever put anything in the microwave for that long)

While the microwave is doing its thing, it’s a good time to review all the fillings and flavors.

Mrs. You had them all nicely laid out (& labeled) for us, and gave us details of how to prepare or where to buy each one. While I’m sure there are other ingredients you can mesh with mochi, at the workshop we focused on these: red bean paste, peanut powder, white sesame powder, black sesame powder, soy bean powder, white bean with macha, and white bean with coffee. Are you salivating yet? You should be.

Ding! Ding! Believe it or not, the 13 minutes are up! Now it’s time to mix the mochi!

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The Yous taught us various techniques for mixing the dough. (Including this one–though we weren’t that intense) The one that I would probably use in the future was four chopsticks put together. Now, here’s the next crazy part. Any guesses how long it should be stirred/folded? I won’t keep you in suspense this time–60 turns. You can get a good arm workout while making mochi! While the 60 doesn’t have to be exact, it’s a good number to go by. Another tip that was shared is to slowly pull apart the chopsticks–there should be a thin film if stirred a proper amount.

Whew! Hard work is done, now on to step 2.5!

Prepare the pan! Another tip you might not just get anywhere: You need to put a thin layer of potato starch (corn starch can work too) on a pan to place the mochi. However, you want to cook it in the microwave for 1 minute first. Bet you didn’t know that!

That was pretty easy, now on to step 3!

First, dip those lovely, washed fingers of yours into the potato starch. This mixture is messy and we want to protect those hands of yours as much as possible.

Now, it’s time to make the mochi! If you don’t want any filling, you can just take little drops of the mixture and roll it in whatever flavor you want. It works best to get two metal spoons and stick them in a cup of water. Use one spoon to carve out the mixture, then the next spoon to drop it on the pan/in the flavoring.

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If you want the filling (which, let’s be real, you should), then you do the same as above and plop them on the pan. Then, get a small scoop of your filling and place it on top. Finally use those freshly powdered fingers of yours and stretch the mochi around the filling, like you would a dumpling. And voila! You’ve done it!

Now it’s time to eat up and enjoy!

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Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Join us for our next food adventure–June 17th at Grace Fellowship (off of N Oak Trafficway) and learn how to make Ba Wan! You can sign up here.



2017 Chinese New Year Celebration 新春晚會 Recap

一年一度的大堪城中華協會 (Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City) 新春晚會在 2017 年一月二十一日晚,於樂宮樓 (Princess Garden) 順利舉行。近一百三十餘位中外人士參加,享用傳統美食,觀賞舞獅,擊鼓 (Chinese Drum and Lion Team),以及民族舞蹈 (HK Chinese Folk Dance Group) 表演。華協會員,堪城商家,以及駐丹佛台北經濟文化辦事處 (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Denver),提供的近三十個摸彩獎項,掛曆,及紅包,讓活動嘉賓滿載而歸,感受過年的喜氣。華協也在晚會中進行會長交接,會長職位由張立杭 (Arthur Chang,2015-2017 President) 轉交給游佳琳 (Catherine You)。活動詳情及未來活動公告,請參考華協網站 http://www.ccgkc.comCCGKC Facebook 網頁

Photos of this event can be viewed at:

2017 Chinese New Year Celebration 新春晚會

大堪城中華協會 2017 新春晚會

地點 Venue: Princess Garden Restaurant 樂宮樓
8906 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114
日期 Date: 星期六, 一月二十一日 Saturday, 1/21/2017
時間 Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm

歌舞表演, 美食, and many more Lucky Draw 抽獎 !

Ticket: Adult $20 per person
Senior (60+) & Student: $18 per person
Children 10 and under: $10 per person

Ticket price includes dinner, lucky draw tickets and shows.

To RSVP, please visit:
For more information regarding this event, please contact us at (816) 217-4702 (Arthur).

大堪城慶祝中華民國建國 106 年升旗典禮

2017 Flag Raising Ceremony
January 1st, 2017 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM
@ KC Buffet (6457 Quivira Rd, Shawnee, KS)

Please RSVP prior to the event via the following website:, or call (913) 735-3688 to leave a detailed message.
請事前登記,以便統計人數。請利用 RSVP 網頁報名:, 或是電話留言 (913) 735-3688.

52Hz, I Love You 北美特映會@Kansas City

This event is organized by 52Hz KC.

Join us on the evening of November 10th for the special screening of movie “52Hz, I Love You” before its official premiere early next year. Part of this event will be a Q&A with the actor and crew. Follow our Facebook page for official preview at the end of October! This film will be subtitled in English.

Door opens at 6:30PM
Movie starts at 7:00PM
Runtime: 109 minutes + 20 minutes Q&A


Ticket Purchase and More Information:

  • Date: Thu, November 10, 2016, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM CST
  • Location: Tivoli Cinemas (4050 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 200
    Kansas City, MO 64111)
  • Ticket Price: $6 to $10






電影全長 109 分鐘 + 電影座談會 20 分鐘
電影級數 – 普通級


The movie is a heartfelt musical drama by award-winning Taiwanese film director, Te-Sheng Wei. Wei’s earlier indie film broke box office records in Asia and was nominated for the 84th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011. Wei’s newest movie, “52 Hz, I Love You”, is not only a unique musical interpretation on the age-old subject of love, it also provides viewers an opportunity to experience some of Taiwan’s iconic music, lifestyle, and culture. We look forward to sharing an enchanting evening with you.



依據世界旅遊組織的定義(World Tourism Organization, 2006),醫療旅遊(Medical Tourism)是指以醫療護理、疾病與 健康、康復與休養為主題的旅遊服務;該產業在今日是成 長最快的產業之一。目前全世界已超過 300 萬的病人到外 國就醫,其中包含整形外科、心臟科、 牙科、美容整形外 科、健康檢查、人工生殖、神經外科及癌症治療,另依據 Deloitte(2009)調查,預估全世界到海外就醫之人士於 2017 年將高達 1,575 萬人次。

臺灣優質之醫療服務及健保已獲得全球高度肯定, 2000 年英國經濟學人雜誌「世界健康排行榜」臺灣名列全 球第二;2007 年瑞士洛桑管理學院「世界競爭力評比」, 臺灣醫療保健基礎建設列全世界第 13(共 55 國受評);2005 年諾貝爾獎得主克魯曼認為臺灣成功經驗值得美國參考學 習。近三年來,包括國家地理頻道、紐約時報、時代雜誌 及 CNN 等國際媒體專題介紹臺灣醫療成就,去年 The Richest 更將臺灣評比為國際第一名的醫療照護。臺灣的醫 療成就具有最佳的國際聲譽及競爭力。


一、高品質–具國際級醫療水準 臺灣自1978年起開始建立國家性的醫療體系評鑑機制,為 全球第四,亞洲第一個建立評鑑制度的國家。大多數醫學 中心和區域醫院均通過源自於美國系統的醫院評鑑暨醫療 品質策進會(Joint Commission of Taiwan,JCT)認證。此 外,截至2016年,臺灣總計通過美國JCI國際醫院評鑑 (Joint Commission International Hospital Accreditation)共計有17家醫療機構。

二、合理價格–醫療成本合理,費用較歐、美、日等國家 低 臺灣醫療機構提供最新穎醫療科技與設備、受過完整訓練 的專業人員,然而手術費用卻是相對合理與經濟;大致上 來說,臺灣的手術費用僅僅是美國的五分之ㄧ、英國的六 分之ㄧ。不僅如此,我們也提供合理價格之健康檢查,降 低顧客的財務負擔。

三、高科技–均與歐美國家醫院同等級 臺灣的醫療機構使用最先進的醫療儀器,設備同等於甚至 超越了美國醫院所擁有;根據衛生福利部統計截至2014年 止臺灣擁有43台正子攝影設備(PET),200台核磁共振儀 (MRI)及357台斷層掃描儀(CT),更於2015年引進首座醫用 粒子治療設備,提供全面性的照護與預防。另外,臺灣的 醫院可透過無線網路(WiMAX Technology)的監控系統提供 病患即時服務,在居家照顧方面提供24小時的健康控管, 透過RFID可追蹤病患用藥上安全和病患的身份辨認,給予 病患更多的安全保障。

四、感動服務 每家醫院提供獨立的健康管理中心,和一般醫療場所分 開,以便提供病患充分的隱私及最舒適的服務。專屬醫療 團隊以病患為中心,帶領病患並從旁協助完成所有的程 序。檢查結束後,健康管理師會提供病患最完整的健康管 理計畫,並協助預約後續的追蹤檢查。同時提供即時的線 上醫療服務回應和關懷、專車機場接送服務、和語言翻譯 等以滿足顧客的需求。

五、完整專科服務 從預防醫學、健康檢查、診斷、到疾病治療,融合中醫及 西醫的醫療網絡,以最先進的醫療儀器為病患量身訂做各 式各樣的健康檢查。此外,融合了中醫的養生療法,提供 更多樣的醫療服務。

六、專業團隊 臺灣醫療機構提供專業的醫療團隊來服務病患。據衛生福 利部至2014年之統計,每一萬人擁有26.56個醫師及68.91 張病床。美國商業週刊第947期報導,臺灣的活體肝臟移植 五年存活率最高為93.5%,比日本高出12%,更遠比美國高 出33%。臺灣不僅具備先進醫學儀器,更重要的是擁有專業 醫療團隊提供高品質且貼心的服務。

此外為增強外籍人士來臺接受醫療服務的意願,政府 不僅於 2008 年出版了 “Patients Beyond Borders Taiwan Edition”成為世界上第二個具有專書推薦的國 家,讓臺灣成為外國病人醫療旅遊的首選,並成立單一入 口網站-臺灣國際醫療網(Taiwan Task Force for Medical Travel:以 提供顧客最即時、最詳盡的第一手醫療旅遊相關資訊;該 網站並建有線上詢問功能,透過客服人員與顧客彼此間的 聯繫,讓顧客能迅速獲得所需相關資訊,更進一步認識臺 灣的優質醫療服務。

目前政府推行醫療國際化已有初階成效,長期下來並 間接帶動其他產業發展,未來將繼續努力與國際接軌,並 引進海外僑胞豐沛資源,使臺灣能在國際醫療舞臺上綻放

2016 Chinese New Year Celebration 新春晚會


大堪城中華協會 2016 新春晚會

地點 Venue: Community Covenant Church
15700 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66219
日期 Date: 星期六, 二月六日 Saturday, 2/6/2016
時間 Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

歌舞表演, 美食, and many more Lucky Draw 抽獎 !

Ticket: $20 per person
Children under 12 years: $10 per person
Children under 5 years: Eat free!

Ticket price includes dinner, lucky draw tickets and shows.

To RSVP, please visit:
For more information regarding this event, please contact us at (816) 217-4702 (Arthur).

Chinese Sugar Art Seminar Recap

There were approximately 30 people participated in this culture event.  Instructor Catherine You talked about the history of Chinese sugar art, demonstrated the process, and shared many useful tips. Participants had a fun time making the sugar drawings, and also eating the candies.

CCGKC 2015 Sugar Art Seminar event photos can be viewed on Flickr.