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History of The Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City

The Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City started in the early 70’s as a way for the few members of the Chinese community of Kansas City to gather and talk about politics and celebrate cultural traditions.

Currently, The Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City has grown to include individuals and families from all walks of life who are interested in joining a celebration of the Chinese and South East Asian Cultures.

A Short History of The Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City
by Chien Liu

Mr. Don Toy has described the activities of the Chinese Community in the Greater Kansas City area adequately up to the period of the end of the Second World War. My family and I moved to Kansas City in 1958. At that time, there were about 20 Chinese families here. Within the past decade, due to many Chinese students attending colleges for under graduate as well as post graduate studies in the Midwest area and many professional people moved with their families to the Greater Kansas City area, the Chinese population has increased greatly leading to the formation of the Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City in 1972.

Dr. William Wu and his family are probably among the early settlers of the Chinese population in the Greater Kansas City area after the Second World War. In 1961, Dr. & Mrs. Wu and Mr. & Mrs. Toy invited all the Chinese people in this area to a dinner party at Dr. Wu’s house to celebrate the Chinese New Year. With many students from surrounding areas as well as people from the Kansas City area, more than 300 people attended. We had a wonderful time together, sharing fellowship and the delicious Chinese food they provided us. We also had a special permission from the police department to burn a long string of fire crackers for celebration.

Although there was no formal organization of a Chinese Club prior to 1972, there were frequent social gathering among various Chinese families. Each year around the Chinese New Year’s time, student clubs from UMKC and KU in Lawrence often put up festive dinner parties. One of the more recent ones was held at the China International Restaurant in 1971 and another one was held at the Meyer Blvd. United Methodist Church in 1972. Each time there were more than 150 people attended the Chinese New Year banquets.

On February 13, 1972, with more than 100 Chinese adults attending a banquet at the Lee-Chee Tree Restaurant, a formal organization meeting to establish a Chinese Club was held. A Committee was elected with Dr. Sidney Wang as President, Dr. Kenneth Yue at Vice-President, and Dr. Richard Yeh as Treasurer. Among several names proposed, the name of CHINESE CLUB OF GREATER KANSAS CITY was adopted.

The organizing Committee called a second meeting on February 27, 1972 at Kenneth Yue’s house. Sidney Wang, Kenneth Yue, Richard Yeh, James Yu, David Yang, Stanley Niu, Luke Chu, King Lee, K.Y. Zee-Cheng and Mrs. Helen Lin were present. Further details to form the Chinese Club was discussed and a sub-committee was created to draft a set of Constitution and By-Laws was adopted. Another meeting was held on March 10, 1972 at James Wu’s house to write the Constitution and By-Laws for the Club. Members attended were James Wu, Edward Hsu, Luke Chu, Richard Yeh, David Yang, Sidney Wang, K. Y. Zee-Cheng, Kenneth Yue and C.C. Cheng. The Constitution and By-Laws were drafted and later were printed to be distributed to all future members for suggestions and corrections.

On October 29, 1972, a Nominating Committee was formed and met at Kenneth Yue’s house. The Committee consisted of Kenneth Yue, Luke Chu, C. K. Cheng and K. Y. Zee-Cheng. A slate of names was nominated for the officers of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and four Board of Directors was prepared to be presented to the members for election during the forthcoming meeting.

On December 16, 1972, combining the Christmas Party and Organization Meeting, the Chinese Club’s Constitution and By-Laws were presented to the membership and were passed and adopted. Election of officers was done with C. C. Cheng as President, Chien Liu as Vice-President, James Wu as Treasurer and Ben Lin as Secretary. Four Board of Directors were also elected. They were David Yang, James Cheng, Mrs. Katherine Wang and John Chu. The Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City was born.