Mid-Autumn Moon Night Market

大堪城中華協會在二零一七年九月三十日成功地把 Kansas City 北部 Grace Fellowship Church (10920 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64155) 轉變成了台灣的傳統夜市,讓两百五十多位中外人士,老朋友,新朋友,在中秋佳節一同享受到精彩的台灣小吃以及夜市遊戲。和猜燈謎 ·大家品嘗了滷肉飯,珍珠奶茶,肉圓,茶葉蛋,麻糬等小吃。現場的小朋友們也嘗試了飛鏢射氣球,踢毽子等具有民族特色的遊戲。此次活動感謝 Grace Fellow Church, 中華民國僑務委員會 (OCAC),駐丹佛台北經濟文化辦事處 (TECO Denver), Century 21 All-Pro, Laser Dream Works, Michael J McInerney CPA, InnoTech, Vorona, Sun Marble, 以及 Chinatown Food Market 協助和經費贊助。也感謝華協董事會,華協會員,以及義工們辛苦籌畫,執行,事後清理。如果您對此活動或其他華協活動感興趣,或是想贊助未來活動,請和會長 游佳琳 Catherine You 聯絡 ccgkc.board@gmail.com
The Night Market Event was a huge success!  There were people playing games to win prizes and of course an amazing performance by the drummers, but from where I was standing there were two big hits and one of those outshined everything else offered.
     One of the two hits were the riddles.  People seemed to thoroughly enjoy the challenge of solving the different word puzzles in both English and Chinese.  There was a lot of laughter and surprise when someone figured out the answer being worked on.  The proud moments shone on peoples’ faces as they got one step closer to earning one of the grand prizes.
     As fun as the riddles were, the real winner of the night was undoubtedly the food.  From the time the kitchen opened until 15 minutes before we shut down, every time I looked up there was a line all the way to the back of the room, almost out the door.  Patrons eagerly anticipated their tea eggs, ban wan, mochi, and milk tea from the time they were in line holding their tickets to place their orders, to the time they were waiting on the other side holding their numbers, after having placed their orders.
     The excited looks displayed when their orders were called and they moved to find a place to sit holding their food on their trays was so satisfying to the staff.  The faire goers just kept coming back for more and more until, alas, we were sold out of most items and barely had enough of others.
     Overall the event was a huge success for the Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City and it was a pleasure for us to be able to host such an event to celebrate Chinese culture.  Lastly, we would like to thank Grace Fellowship for allowing the Club to utilize their facility to hold our Night Market, and of course, thank you all for attending!

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