Beating the Heat with Mango Shaved Ice

Is the heat getting to you? Summer heat strikes with a vengeance. Nothing cools you off like the sweet, delightful sensation of mango shaved ice.

For this workshop, the lovely Wen You showed us how to puree mangoes with other ingredients to make a sweet mango sauce. She also demonstrated how to make light and dark syrups that are tasty with shaved ice.

Then came the ice. Catherine demonstrated her bravery around blades and her hard-core machine operating skills to shave giant blocks of ice into small ice parcels. The finished product combined shaved ice, mango sauce, optional other syrups, chopped mangoes, and ice cream to complete a delightful sensory bouquet. We successfully beat the heat and scrumptious treats were enjoyed by all.

The evening was completed with a CCGKC mixer, which expanded the topping options to include prepared sweet potato, barley, beans, gummy bears, sprinkles, candy, and whatever else your heart desired. Attendees also enjoyed Boba milk tea drinks.

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Knotting to See Here!

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, one of the rainiest of the summer, the Chinese Club kept away the gloom by spending the hours away learning Chinese Macrame and knots. In the session, we learned how to make a good luck knot and a dragonfly. Catherine led us using the pin method which is the official knotting form, while also explaining how it can be done without pins.

First up was the good luck knot! Catherine carefully led us step-by-step (and often re-step-by-step) in how to make this classic knot. Though it seemed like a mess of holes in a Styrofoam plate and endless loops, with patience and lots of help, something resembling a knot slowly emerged!

Next, the dragonfly! With this one, Catherine helped us learn how to read directions. Quickly, the room became quiet with great concentration. Soon after, laughter as mishaps occurred. Before we knew it, the time was up and everyone left with two completed works of Chinese macrame and knotting.

While the clouds were still dark, the workshop and its accompanying laughter brought sunshine to the afternoon.

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