Ba Wan Workshop!

On the cusp of summer, our workshop attendees experimented with another Taiwanese street food classic: Ba Wan.

With the direct translation of the word means meatball, these are much more than spheres of meat. The filling includes ground meat, dried mushrooms, bamboo shoots, fried shallots, plus the seasoning that makes it delicious to eat all on its own.

What separates this dish from what we might consider a typical meatball is its skin. The skin is made up of rice flour, water, and cornstarch or sweet potato starch. This skin becomes translucent once steamed and nicely encases the meat.

During the workshop, we were able to try different variations of the skin, experimenting with different combinations of cornstarch and potato starch to find the perfect texture most reminiscent of Taiwan. (Insider tip: it was equal portions of both)

The Ba Wan, though delicious in its own right with the skin and meat is truly perfected when adding the ‘special’ sauce. Here again, workshop participants got to try a couple variations and decide what was their favorite.

Then for the best part: time to dig in! By the time the workshop was over, everyone had an opportunity to assemble some Ba Wan, eat till full, and take home left overs!

It was yet another yummy workshop! Join us August 12th for our next food workshop, where we’ll make mango shaved ice, or for our next crafting workshop on July 22nd where we’ll make sugar paintings! Sign up here

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