Job Opportunity: Bilingual Accountant/Reporting Analyst

To apply, please send resume to Cody Mahaffey (

POSITION SPECIFICATION: Accountant/Reporting Analyst

The Compay

 Spigot Inc.


Spigot is a leading provider of browser add-ons, extensions, mobile applications, and monetization components for software developers worldwide.  It was founded in 2008 in the heart of Silicon Valley by two entrepreneurs with 40+ years of combined internet and software experience.  Spigot’s team of dedicated engineers has decades of experience working at leading software companies and continue to impress some of the web’s most recognizable brands.  To date, Spigot has developed projects for and continues to work closely with Yahoo!, Ask, Yandex, Baidu, CNET, and BitTorrent.

We work relentlessly to ensure that our solutions are at the cutting edge of browser technology, ultimately focusing on enhancing the end users’ browsing experiences.  With our solutions, we also provide application developers with multiple methods of software distribution and monetization based on data driven optimization.  These experiences and successes in the desktop arena, lead us into mobile, where we build custom applications and provide further monetization and distribution solutions.

In August 2015, Spigot was acquired by Genimous Investment Co. Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of the PRC with its stocks listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  The company became a fully-owned subsidiary of Genimous.

In order to continue to grow the business, Spigot is establishing its new HQ in Fort Myer, FL in 2016 with sales/marketing/R&D functions. The finance/accounting and general administration functions is based in Kansas City, MO.

Job Description:


Reporting lines:  Directly report to Financial Controller of Spigot

Work location: Kansas City, MO

Direct Reports: none


Responsibilities and duties will be varied and will include:

–        General Ledger: participate in various aspects of the general ledger close process including the preparation of journal entries such as month-end accruals and amortization of prepaid expenses, prepare account reconciliations, maintain fixed assets records and post depreciation expense;

–        Bank Reconciliations: perform daily/monthly bank reconciliations;

–        Accounts Payable: review invoices and employee expense reports, assist with entry of invoices and expense reports as needed;

–        Accounts Receivable: review customer payments,  coordinate with Finance on past due accounts, assist with entry of customer payments as needed; create aging report and follow up on collection of receivables;

–        Extract, analyze, and prepare data for analysis and inclusion in the balance sheet and income statement variance reports;

–        Intercompany transactions reconciliation and settlement;

–        Assist with annual statuary auditing;

–        Review and monitor financial statements of subsidiaries;

–        Assist with conducting internal control testing for operational audits;

–        Support controller and finance department for any other projects;

–        Liaison with China Finance HQ in providing required financial reports in timely manner;

Skills and Key Competencies:

–        BS/BA in Accounting or related field is required

–        Minimum 3 years’ experience in the preparation and maintenance of financial records is required

–        Working knowledge of various accounting software is highly preferred

–        Strong MS Excel, Word and Outlook skills required

–        Detail-oriented with ability to manage projects from inception through execution

–        Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

–        Ability to meet communicated deadlines

–        Ability to multi-task

–        Strong analytical skills

–        Chinese language communication skills strongly preferred

Drum Roller Recruitment

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堪城中华龙,鼓,狮队自2007年组建以来,多次参加了大堪城地区春节演出及龙舟节义演等活动,中华大鼓的乐韵, 舞龙舞狮的律动深受大家喜爱,给观众们留下了深刻的印象。






青少年班招募年龄:10+ 岁

成人班招募年龄:18+ 岁




排练时间:每周六 3:00-4:00pm(鼓队)

排练时间:每周六 4:00-5:00pm(龙,狮队)

排练地点: Sun Marble

9600 Dice Ln, Lenexa, KS 66215

培训老师: Catherine You ,是深受队员们一致喜爱的鼓队教练,她具有丰富的指挥经验,指导过多个团体,她尤其懂得孩子们的心理,擅长组织带领小孩子们学习,是一位热爱音乐,热爱孩子,热爱公益的优秀青年。

培训老师: Wai Cheng ,是深受孩子们和家长们一致喜爱的龙,狮队教练,他拥有多年演出经验,懂得孩子们的心理,擅长组织带领小孩子们学习,是一位热爱运动,热爱孩子,热爱公益的优秀青年。





(由于我们是非盈利的公益组织,费用仅用于分担少量活动费。支票抬头请写:Drum Roller)




3:00-3:30pm 公开试课


3:30-4:00pm Audition+报名登记








You know what would be adorable? A mochi-emoji.

After spending a couple hours learning how to make and tasting all the various fillings and flavors, I am now a mochi fan.

Let me take you through the event (but I won’t spill all the secrets, you’ll just have to attend the next one):

Step one: Combine all the basic mochi ingredients (sugar, water, glutinous rice flour, oil) till smooth then stick in the microwave. Want to guess for how long? Not one minute, not five minutes, but THIRTEEN minutes! (I know, I was shocked too. Not sure I’ve ever put anything in the microwave for that long)

While the microwave is doing its thing, it’s a good time to review all the fillings and flavors.

Mrs. You had them all nicely laid out (& labeled) for us, and gave us details of how to prepare or where to buy each one. While I’m sure there are other ingredients you can mesh with mochi, at the workshop we focused on these: red bean paste, peanut powder, white sesame powder, black sesame powder, soy bean powder, white bean with macha, and white bean with coffee. Are you salivating yet? You should be.

Ding! Ding! Believe it or not, the 13 minutes are up! Now it’s time to mix the mochi!

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The Yous taught us various techniques for mixing the dough. (Including this one–though we weren’t that intense) The one that I would probably use in the future was four chopsticks put together. Now, here’s the next crazy part. Any guesses how long it should be stirred/folded? I won’t keep you in suspense this time–60 turns. You can get a good arm workout while making mochi! While the 60 doesn’t have to be exact, it’s a good number to go by. Another tip that was shared is to slowly pull apart the chopsticks–there should be a thin film if stirred a proper amount.

Whew! Hard work is done, now on to step 2.5!

Prepare the pan! Another tip you might not just get anywhere: You need to put a thin layer of potato starch (corn starch can work too) on a pan to place the mochi. However, you want to cook it in the microwave for 1 minute first. Bet you didn’t know that!

That was pretty easy, now on to step 3!

First, dip those lovely, washed fingers of yours into the potato starch. This mixture is messy and we want to protect those hands of yours as much as possible.

Now, it’s time to make the mochi! If you don’t want any filling, you can just take little drops of the mixture and roll it in whatever flavor you want. It works best to get two metal spoons and stick them in a cup of water. Use one spoon to carve out the mixture, then the next spoon to drop it on the pan/in the flavoring.

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If you want the filling (which, let’s be real, you should), then you do the same as above and plop them on the pan. Then, get a small scoop of your filling and place it on top. Finally use those freshly powdered fingers of yours and stretch the mochi around the filling, like you would a dumpling. And voila! You’ve done it!

Now it’s time to eat up and enjoy!

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Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Join us for our next food adventure–June 17th at Grace Fellowship (off of N Oak Trafficway) and learn how to make Ba Wan! You can sign up here.



Making a Difference–One Biscuit at a Time

At first, I was nervous yet excited about cooking and serving breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House because I was not sure what to expect. Once everyone got together to start working on the recipes selected, all that went away. Everyone was so happy to be there and helpful. With us working as a team and keeping positive attitudes, we were able to make all of our dishes and get them out on time. When the families began to arrive they seemed genuinely pleased with what we had provided for them. We made biscuits and gravy from scratch, a Denver omelet bake, a vegetarian hash, and had plenty of fruit, diffused water, and juice. The families went down the line taking what they wanted and after thanked us several times talking about how good the food was.
There was one lady in particular who was pregnant and eating with her boyfriend that came up to thank Catherine and me personally. She explained she was having a c-section within the next couple of days and the doctor had told her that the better she ate the more milk she would be able to provide for her baby to help it be healthy and strong. She told us that she was really excited about our breakfast because with all the good food we made, from scratch, she knew she would be able to take really good care of her baby. That was the most rewarding moment for me. The fact that something so simple, something I do every day , cooking, could help provide such hope and positivity in the lives of people who truly needed it. It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

• Catherine: Supervised and aided in cooking and clean up
• Kevin: Cut vegetables and cooked the sausage for the gravy
• Nancy: Cut vegetables and cooked the vegetarian hash
• Lily and her husband: Washed and cut the fruit, as well as, aided in clean up
• Vanessa (Me): Made the biscuits, and finished the sausage gravy, helped supervise and aided in clean up.

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Crestview Elementary Cultural Fair

On the evening of Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, students of Crestview Elementary had the opportunity to interact with different cultures and explore the idea, “We Are One, But We Are Many”. To prepare for the fair, students learned some Mexican folk dances, which they performed for the school. Students also had the opportunity to “travel” around their gymnasium with “passports” to have signed by the various countries represented. The CCGKC had a blast teaching students how to make zongzi out of strips of paper in honor of the story of the Dragon Boat Festival. The school children enjoyed the hands-on craft, the brief history lesson, and the passport signature of their name in Chinese writing.