Festival At Dusk

The Dragon Boat Festival is right around the corner, this summer festivity is always highly anticipated -whether one participates in the races or not.  The Dragon Boat Festival is actually concurrent with 端午節 or the “festival at dusk” or “May 5th day” . This day is a memorial to the Zhou Dynasty poet and minister Qu Yuan ( Link to Wikipedia for inquiring minds ); who even after betrayal and decades of banishment was deeply saddened when his country was conquered.  In his despair,  He drowned himself in a river.

His neighbors and the residents of surrounding villages raced out in boats to reach him, sadly they were too late.  As the sun began to set, fisherman feared his body might be eaten by fish and other aquatic life.  More villagers raced into the waters, some with sticks and drums others with packed rice balls; all returning to the waters as quickly as they could to stand guard over the lost minister.

Every 5th day of the Lunar 5th month, people remember the tragic loss by reliving the races and making packed rice balls called 仲子”zhongzi” to share with all.

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On May 20th, we will be learning more about the Festival of Dusk and making tetrahedron ‘ZhongZi’ shapes.  Sign up today!