2014 Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節 Celebration Dinner


雖然華協決定不舉辦正式的中秋節慶祝活動, 但是一些華協的會員與朋友還是希望能藉著中秋節小聚一下, 與同在異鄉的朋友一起吃飯吃月餅. 因此華拹董事與在 Lawrence 的餐廳 “火” 協議好, 請他們為我們準備好吃的自助餐. 時間是 Saturday 9/13/2014, 6:00 PM 開始. 早來早吃, 遟到餐廳還會看情形添加菜。

這聚會是隨意小聚, 沒有主持人, 沒有抽獎, 沒有節目, 但是會有月餅.
大人$15, 小孩 (10歲以下) $7.5. 這價錢包括飲料, 稅與小費. 由於這是餐廳的特別價, 華協會員卡折扣不適用.

請趕緊到這網站報名: http://www.ccgkc.org/signup/


Dear CCGKC Members and Friends:

Please join the Chinese Club of Greater Kansas City for a casual dinner in the spirit of the Mid- Autumn season.

Location: Oriental Bistro and Grill
Address: 1511 W 23rd St, Lawrence, KS
Phone: (785) 841-8881
Time: Saturday 9/13/2014, 6:00 pm

Pricing: Adults $15, Children (under 10 years) $7.50
Includes dinner, beverages, and gratuity

Dining style: Traditional Chinese food buffet
The staff at Oriental Bistro will accommodate any patrons that arrive after 6pm for dinner and fresh dishes will be served throughout dinner.

Please register ASAP at: http://www.ccgkc.org/signup/