Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Survey 中秋節問卷調查


關於今年的中秋節﹐華協董事準備在九月舉辦﹐但是由於往年的出席率低 ﹐ 董事們決定先做一份問卷調查。 如果大家參加的意願高﹐我們可以根據問卷調查結果來籌備活動。如果意願不高﹐我們可以取消這活動。這份問卷調查是我們年輕的華裔董事寫的,請多鼓勵他們的中文! 如果回復少于25%﹐我們會當作參加的意願低﹐而取消這活動。 所以想要有中秋節的活動﹐請請點擊下面的網址。


這問卷調查網站只能記錄100份的回復﹐而且6/29/14結止。所有華協會員或非會員與朋友都歡迎參與﹐請與大家分享這網址。 (這網址也登在華協的臉書上。請踴躍分享﹗)



Dear CCGKC members,

The Board of Directors is looking into planning a Mid-Autumn Moon Festival event this September. Since the turnout is typically a small group of people, we believe it will be easier to plan ( or cancel ) the event based on Member feedback. Below is a link to a “bi-lingual” survey we created to start our planning endeavors ( the survey was written by our younger members – so don’t laugh about the Chinese! ). Generally speaking, if fewer than 25 completed responses come back, The planning committee will assume there is not enough interest in the event. So if you want to attend this event, make sure to fill out the survey!


The survey allows up to 100 responses and closes 6/29/14. This event is open to friends and family who are not members of CCGKC, please send out this link to anyone who might be interested in joining our event and CCGKC for the rest of 2014! ( there’s a link for the survey on our FB page, too! Share, Share, Share! )

CCGKC President,
Sunny Rutherford