Kansas City Chinese Startup Club 堪城華人創業協會

Dear KC Chinese friends:

If you have ever thought of being an entrepreneur and wanted to get started seriously, or you are a startup entrepreneur working on your business development, or you are a successful entrepreneur and have the desire and enthusiasm to guide followers, I would like to invite you to join this KC Chinese Startup Club.

The sole purpose of forming this club is to create a network through which people with common entrepreneurship enthusiasm could exchanges thoughts, experiences, and help each other throughout their exciting ventures.

Me myself has been a startup entrepreneur for roughly one year. During this period, I have been working on business plan, business development miscellaneous, reaching out to various types of investors, trying to contact potential customers and users, start learning two new programming languages at the same time, and many many other stressful but fulfilling and exciting things.

If you just get started, I may be able to help you for many questions you have. For example, should you start talking to venture capitals because you got such an awesome idea, and how you can protect your idea when you reach out? What kind of business development resources you have in town? If you are a forerunner and have been running business successfully, then you could probably be my mentor and help me out.

People is the key. Joining this club, you will know more people having same interest. It helps make friends and even find partners. We will keep this club active, guided and private.

Please reply if you want to join us. The minimum requirement is to at least have something in your mind and want to get started seriously.

Thanks for your attention. Wish you all an awesome Year of the Horse.

Jiazhu Hu
Email: yuansin1999@hotmail.com